What is CoinDoog?

  • CoinDoog is a website that allows you to earn Dogecoin for free every 60 minutes. You can earn up to 0.5 Dogecoin every claim.
  • Coindoog provides a list of top websites to make free money in different forms such as: Free faucet, Reaward, PTC ads, game and mining.

How to make money with CoinDoog?

  • Before, you need a Faucetpay.io account. If you do not have a Faucetpay account then register here.
  • At CoinDoog, you can earn money from our free faucet after completing captcha. Money will be sent to your Faucetpay.io account instantly
  • You can earn more from other sites on our list, by ways such as faucet, game, mining.